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National Concerns: India under lockdown for 3 weeks

India under lockdown for 3 weeks Approx Read Time: 6 minutes  In News: India under lockdown for 3 weeks As the death toll from COVID-19 rose to 12, PM Narendra Modi has announced a 21-day lockdown for the entire country, stating that it was the only way to break the chain of infection. Around 560 …

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Extra Bytes: (Ranitidine may cause Cancer)

Ranitidine may have impurity that can cause cancer – (Ranitidine may cause Cancer) Approx Read Time: 3 minutes In News: The Indian drug regulator has ordered an investigation into the popular anti-acidity drug Ranitidine for the possible presence of an impurity that may cause cancer. In response, some pharmaceutical majors in India have suspended sales …

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