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Why Assam needs a census of indigenous Muslim groups?

Identifying Indigenous Muslim Population in Assam Approx Read Time: 6 minutes  In News: Assam’s Welfare of Minorities and Development Department has given its nod to hold a census of four communities broadly known as “Assamese Muslims” comprising the Goriya, Moriya, Deshi and Julha communities of the Brahmaputra Valley. News Summary: Assam will conduct an exercise …

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Global Bytes: Detention Camps of China

What ‘leaked’ documents say about China’s Uighur detention camps – (Detention Camps of China) Approx Read Time: 5 minutes  In News: (Detention Camps of China) For some months now, international concern has been growing about what China is doing to its Uighur population, a Muslim minority community concentrated in the country’s northwestern Xinjiang province. A …

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Social Issues (Triple Talaq)

Published on 22-Aug-2019 – Triple Talaq Women Empowerment: (Triple Talaq held void) Approx Read Time: 3 minutes The Muslim Woman (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019 passed in parliament. Under the Act, declaration of Talaq: In written, electronic form to be void (not enforceable in law) and illegal. Act defines talaq or talaq-e-biddat or …

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