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Editorial Analysis: India needs urgent and radical reforms in its space sector

Space Exploration & India’s Preparations Approx Read Time: 6 minutes Space programmes have been the forte of major countries: Most talk of “outer space” is in the context of space faring by big powers like the United States, Russia and China. Some talk also refers to the collective European effort under the European Space agency …

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New Concepts: What are FASTags?

What are FASTags? Approx Read Time: 5 minutes In News: From December 1, lanes on national highway toll plazas across India will accept toll only through FASTag without human intervention. All new vehicles bought over the last few years, in fact, already come with FASTag pre-installed. However, one hybrid lane will continue to accept cash …

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Science & Tech: Understanding space Internet

Understanding space Internet Approx Read Time: 3 minutes In News: (Understanding space Internet) SpaceX, the world’s leading private company in space technology, has fired the first operational batch of 60 satellites into orbit. It is eventually intended to evolve into a constellation of nearly 12,000 satellites aimed at providing low-cost and reliable space-based internet services …

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